Introducing the new AniNite partner ... the Holdfénycon, held on May 18th 2013


HoldfényCon is the leader event of Hun­gary,
where the society of movie, science fiction, anime, TV series lovers, gamers and collectors can meet each other, exchange ex­perience, buy from the shops and vendors wide range of products, and can compete in different challenges, or just simply have fun with new and old friends.
We established this event with San Di­ego’s Comic-Con in our mind, to let our local fans feel the same mood.

The location is at one of Budapest’s central; B Hall at Millenáris Park which is more a than 5000 m2 two-sto­ry facility. HoldfényCon’s popularity has been increasing for years now, because of our programs, location and mood.

The two days of HoldfényCon, everybody can find a program that they like, even if it is a new game’s premiere, the performance of people in costume, various workshops, exhibitions or even a photo with superheroes; the convention is multicoloured and teeming.

Our main line of our event was about cosplayers and anime, but from the year of 2013 there will be radical changes in the life of HoldfényCon: for the first time, our emphasized category will be ’Gamer’.

A little retrospection about what happened in 2012… HoldfényCon moved to Millenáris in 2011, bearing in mind of a bigger, better usability place and more available opportunity in infrastructure.

The attendance of HoldfényCon and our summer event, called Cosplayer Expo became to rise, and ac­cording to that, our ticket price remained unchanged, in addition it gives the most optimum possibilities for our target audience to spend a splendid and interesting weekend with their idols, interests and hobbies.

In the life of HoldfényCon there has been a lot of already fixed programs, which are amended in the events of 2013, and will be broaden with a lot of new and interesting programs, introducing new shows, new video and animation events plus lots of new cosplayer and gamer events.

Information you should know about our events so far:

• More than 5000 visitors a day
• More than a 100 exhibited Xbox console
• More than 30 playable console games
• Presence before game premieres
• Cosplay competition in different kind of categories
• Cosplay photo shooting
• Costume-making workshops
• Foreign cosplayer guests
• Figures and diorama exhibition
• Drawing and short-story competition
• Anime and manga fair
• Cosplay and handmade products fair
• Sand table games and presentations
• The world’s most famous TCG competitions and presentations (Magic: the Gathering, World of War­craft, Yugioh, Pokemon)
• Sushi bar
• Continuous media presence on the website of the event, on Facebook and our partner sites
• Printed and web media presence at our event
• TV interviews with people in costumes (cosplayers) and with the presented publishers, shops, and event organizers
• Console game competitions

We’re preparing with a lot of new programs, here is a few of them:
• Fantasy figure painting competition in different cat­egories – Crystal Brush Competition
• Digital comic making competition and presentation
• Presentations of movie/comic making topics
• Japanese cultural presentations, exhibition
• Kinect and Wii skill competitions

Müller András
/ General Management /
Phone: +36 30 948 7884
E-Mail: [email protected]

Homepage: http://www.holdfenycon.hu