AniNite.... what else?

The AniNite is Austria’s biggest event related to Japanese pop culture, a place to meet for geeks and nerds alike. Even though the AniNite is primarily focused on anything Japan-related, one will find parts of Korean pop culture as well
one aspect being a K-Pop presentation, as well as miscellaneous goods which are sold at the con. There are also various
cosplays from movies like “The Avengers” or TV shows like “My little Pony” and BBC’s “Sherlock” or “Dr. Who”.
This year’s venue is located near Austria’s capital, Vienna, but it's very easily accessible and basically next to the
Vienna International Airport. The Multiversum is an all-purpose hall located in Schwechat and it's the biggest location
we've had so far, giving room to more than 10.000 people at once on over 3.000m².
What can you expect at the AniNite? • More than 3.000 visitors per day • Various presentations on different topics related to Japan (e.g. Osaka, Yaoi, Japan as cheap as possible, etc.) • Charity raffle • Various workshops (e.g. How to draw Manga, Origami etc.) • Guests of honor from Japan • Cosplay competitions • Anime Music Video competitions • Cosplay photo shoots • Video gaming room and various competitions • Plenty of Japanese merchandise • Art Alley fair • Pokémon Master event • Geek room competition • Fan art and Fan fiction competition • Dance Dance Revolution competition • Seiyū-quiz • Yonkoma competition
And last but not least the coronation of the Austrian Otaku of the Year!
Type Pre-sale Doors
Friday 15.00 € 18.00 €
Saturday 17.00 € 20.00 €
Sunday 15.00 € 18.00 €
Con-Ticket 29.00 € 35.00 €
Con-Package* 41.00 € pre-sale only

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Ticket & ordering information
* Con-Package content
The con-package contains a T-shirt in selectable size and a small surprise. Therefore the con-package is only available for pre-sale!
Pre-sale ends with July 21st 2013
Payment options
1. Bank transfer (EU-Zone) 2. Bank transfer (non EU-Zone) 3. Paypal + 4% account management fee per order
Payment deadline
Every purchaser has a 14 day period to pay for their ticket(s), otherwise the
order will be cancelled and the ticket(s) will go back on sale. In order to keep
the pre-sale price, the money must be credited to our bank account within
the respective deadline, but not later than July 26th 2013.
Cancellation / Refund
Already paid tickets can be cancelled up to and including July 21st
In case of a cancellation, we will charge a general processing fee of 20% plus
possibly accumulated Paypal fees.
Additional information
No tickets
can be ordered after July 21st 2013. From this point onward, tickets can only
be purchased at the venue. There will be a generous but limited amount of
tickets, but no guaranty can be given for availability.
Tickets purchased, paid and validated by us during the pre-sale period, can be
exchanged at the designated pre-sale ticketing counter at the convention venue.
General information
During the AniNite the house rules, which can be found on
our homepage, shall apply.
The venues (Multiversum) courtyard, parts of the supermarkets (Interspar)
parking lot and the parking lot in the back, are part of the AniNite grounds.
The convention hall is handicapped accessible equipped. The hall and the
seminar rooms
are accessible to people with disabilities. In addition,
there are disability toilets.
Children and Juveniles
Children and juveniles under 14 years, who are not accompanied by an adult,
are allowed on the premises until 10pm.
After 10pm they need an attendant (either their guardian or a person of age,
authorized by the child’s guardian).
The whole AniNite grounds are smoke-free until otherwise stated!!
The sale of goods, as well as distributing advertising media without
prior consent with the organizer (see “Our Team”) is prohibited.
We kindly ask to pay attention to cleanliness
at the convention hall (Multiversum)! Dirtying the walls in whatever way
(e.g. writing and/or sticking on posters)
is strictly prohibited! Violations will be prosecuted at violators’ expenses.
Alcohol and Drugs (we also count shishas as such) are strictly prohibited.
Persons, who are caught with either one, can be banned permanently.
Open fires at the convention site are strictly prohibited.
Means of Transportation
Roller Skates, Skateboards and the like are not suited for the AniNite and
are only to be worn as decoration mater (e.g. part of a cosplay).
Ball games and the likes are to be refrained from, since the injury risk
for other visitors is too high.
Living animals are prohibited! Exception will only be granted to specially
trained assistance animals, such as guide dogs.
please visit later.
Here some Hotels near the AniNite Location.

Airport Hotel S1

Room Price Free
Singleroom 40,00€/Night 20
Singleroom incl. Breakfastbag 45,90€/Night 20
Singleroom incl. Breakfast 52,90€/Night 20
Doubleroom 60,00€/Night 20
Doubleroom incl. Breakfastbag 71,80€/Night 20
Doubleroom incl. Breakfast 85,80€/Night 20
All Rooms have Shower and Toilet, Dryer, AC, Sat-TV , Radio and Phone.
Eventcode: aninite
http://airporthotel-wien.com Tel. +43 (0)1/707 70 07

Boutiquehotel hein ****

Room Price Free
Singleroom 76,00/Night 25
Doubleroom 88,00€/Night 25
DreibettRoom 113,00€/Night 25
+ tax 1,54€ per Person and Night
Alle Room incl. Breakfast
Free W-LAN. Sauna and Fitness.
Eventcode: AniNite
http://www.heinhotel.at Tel. +43 (0)1/707 19 50-0

Arion Airport Hotel

Room Price Free
Singleroom 49,00€/Night 30
Doubleroom 62,00€/Night 30
+ tax 1,54€ per Person and Night
Eventcode: aninite
http://www.arion-hotels.com Tel. +43 (0)1/706 5200 44

Das Reinisch

Room Price Free
Singleroom *** 69,00€/Night 30
Doubleroom *** 85,00€/Night 30
Singleroom **** 80,00€/Night 10
Doubleroom **** 98,00€/Night 30
*** Room incl. W-Lan, Free parking
**** Room incl. W-Lan, Free parking
All Room incl. Breakfast
Eventcode: aninite
http://www.dasreinisch.at Tel. +43 (0)1/707 04 44

City Hotel Albrecht

Room Price Free
Singleroom 58,00€/Night 0
Doubleroom 84,00€/Night 7
DreibettRoom 99,00€/Night 0
+ tax 1,54€ per Person and Night
Alle Room incl. Breakfast and Internet
http://www.cityhotelalbrecht.at Tel. +43 (0)1/707 81 06

Rothmühle Schwechat

Room Price Free
Singleroom 35,00€/Night 2
Doubleroom 80,00€/Night 3
Suite 140,00€/Night 1
Alle Room incl. Breakfast
http://www.rothmuehle.at/ Tel. +43 (0)1/701 08-278