What’s AniNite?

The AniNite is Austria’s biggest event related to Japanese pop culture, a place to meet for geeks and nerds alike.
Even though the AniNite is primarily focused on anything Japan-related, one will find parts of Korean pop culture as well
one aspect being a K-Pop presentation, as well as miscellaneous goods which are sold at the con. There are also various
cosplays from movies like “The Avengers” or TV shows like “My little Pony” and BBC’s “Sherlock” or “Dr. Who”.

This year’s venue is located near Austria’s capital, Vienna, but it’s very easily accessible and basically next to the
Vienna International Airport. The Multiversum is an all-purpose hall located in Schwechat and it’s the biggest location
we’ve had so far, giving room to more than 10.000 people at once on over 3.000m².

What can you expect at the AniNite?
• More than 3.000 visitors per day
• Various presentations on different topics related to Japan (e.g. Osaka, Yaoi, Japan as cheap as possible, etc.)
• Charity raffle
• Various workshops (e.g. How to draw Manga, Origami etc.)
• Guests of honor from Japan
• Cosplay competitions
• Anime Music Video competitions
• Cosplay photo shoots
• Video gaming room and various competitions
• Plenty of Japanese merchandise
• Art Alley fair
• Pokémon Master event
• Geek room competition
• Fan art and Fan fiction competition
• Dance Dance Revolution competition
• Seiyū-quiz
• Yonkoma competition

And last but not least the coronation of the Austrian Otaku of the Year!